Blue Illusions – Dragonfly

BLUE ILLUSIONS – Dragonfly – mixed media on paper – 8 x 10.

Lately, I have been inspired to explore creative new ways to design the dragonfly.  In this piece, the meaning of Dragonfly is highlighted through the use of words, colors, transparencies and light.  This mixed media art was created using ink, acrylics and charcoal on paper.

The notes within the drawing are written partially in mirror image similar to how da Vinci included notes in his art. It reads…

”Life is never quite the way it appears, but is always filled with light and color. Dragonfly can help you see through your illusions and thus allow your own light to shine forth. Dragonfly brings out brightness of transformation and the wonder of colorful new vision.”

To purchase, please contact me. To see more original paintings or dragonfly art, please visit 5 Element Studios.

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