FIVE DOG – 16×20 -Pen & Ink – Sepia

This was one of my most recent commissions of a family of Five rescue dogs.

ALICE – The first one rescued was Alice, the Italian Greyhound in the front on one paw.  While she is the smallest, she is the alpha dog of the group.

BELLA & MARIO – Soon after, my client rescued two Italian Greyhounds, Bella & Mario who are brother and sister.  They are inseparable. Accordingly, they are the two dogs to the right of the drawing sitting next to each other.  Bella is very shy and Mario is the perfect gentleman.

JANE – As though three dogs were not enough – then came Jane!  Jane was previously abused and so much needed a loving home.  She was found in Tara’s House, a rescue place for dogs.  While the intent was to foster Jane, it was clear that she found her home with the sweet and loving Italian Greyhounds and family with four children.  So her foster status soon changed to adopted. Jane is a mixed breed and the skittish one in the far left of the drawing.

PARKER – Then there was Parker, the largest of the dogs!  Parker was also found at Tara’s House.  My client worked with Tara’s House to help dogs find homes.  On weekends, she and her four children would parade the dogs in front of Pet Smart hoping someone would fall in love and adopt them.  And each weekend many dogs were adopted, except one — Parker. His hair was not neat and he walked with his head down — but he was a sweet, gentle soul!  He was also a bit sick – nothing critical, but he really needed a lot of tender loving care.  So my client decided to give Parker a spa day and then paraded him in front of Pet Smart all weekend in hopes that someone would want to Adopt him.  After another weekend of no takers she decided to foster him.  Fortunately, like Jane, Parker soon found himself in a loving family that now consists of 5 dogs and 4 kids.  His head is now upright and he smiles all of the time!


  1. Posted February 25, 2013 at 6:25 pm by Susan | Permalink

    Wow! I’m just imagining a likeness of the family pets (living and dead). You have a talent and can express animal feelings. They look appreciative.

  2. Posted February 26, 2013 at 5:04 pm by Liz | Permalink

    Love this Pen & Ink – nice work!

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